All parties must be scheduled at least 1 week in advance, a minimum of 50% deposit must be given up front in order to reserve your party's date, you are entitled to a full refund only if the party is cancelled within 3 days before the party date.

Our party schedule consists of opening 1 hour prior to our normal operating hours, in order for the party to have the arcade entirely to themselves. For Example:If on a weekday we normally open at 2pm, we would open at 1pm to give you the entire arcade to you and your party , on the weekend we normally open at 12pm so we would open the arcade at 11am for your party. After 1 hour of play the Arcade will be open to the public at our normal operating hours and all party attendees are able to enjoy the arcade at their leisure.

Additional hours before the 1pm party opening on weekdays or 11am opening on weekends are available: $200.00 for each additional hour prior to event start start time.

Arcade Package #0 without any food - $300.00 Includes:150 Game Tokens, Opening 1 hour early for your private party, 2 employees on staff.